Content lies at the heart of your company’s marketing and sales. It’s one of the most powerful sales enablement techniques.
But to make the most of it, you need a well-thought-out strategy and good execution. This is where our role begins.

We are content marketing experts with 12+ years of experience in B2B marketing.
We are here to help you create, manage, optimize, and promote content that gives you results.

Content marketing helps your B2B business grow

Content can give a significant boost to EVERYTHING you do online. It supports your sales efforts, increases your visibility on Google, and makes your marketing more effective. This is true, especially if you operate in a B2B setup.


Increased visibility on Google

Good publicity

Reliable brand

More high-quality traffic coming to your website


Improved lead generation strategy

Potential clients’ trust

Showcased expertise

Offer tailored to your target audience

Marketers report that content marketing generates demand/leads.
(Source: Content Marketing Institute)

Good content boosts your presence on Google

In their guidelines for Search Quality Raters, Google outlines a framework known as E-E-A-T for websites that can rank high on Google. It comprises four crucial factors:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trust

Google names them “important considerations in Page Quality rating”, meaning that websites meeting these requirements are highly valued by this search engine and have the potential to achieve better results in the SERP.

Without high-quality content, your website will never rank high on Google. Thankfully, that’s an easy fix! All you have to do is reach out to us! 🙂

Opt for content that gets you results

Sales funnel/Warm leads

Good content helps you get more clients. We achieve this by adjusting your content strategy to other marketing and sales activities in your company. The content we create is designed to help clients at every stage of the sales funnel:

TOFU: General articles and posts broadening your target audience’s knowledge

MOFU: More specific texts, how-to guides, comparisons, and real-life examples

BOFU: Super-specific pieces of content encouraging clients to reach out to your company


Thanks to internal linking and other tools, we help you guide your customers down the sales funnel and encourage them to get in touch with your business.
That’s how you warm up your leads.


Do you want your content to rank high on Google? That’s what SEO-friendliness is all about. The vast majority of the content we create for our clients is 100% SEO-friendly.

We know how to create SEO-optimized content and know how effective search engine optimization works (yes, we are SEO-certified!).

If you work with a SEO consultant/agency, we are happy to work with them to help you maximize the results your content generates. If not, we can take full care of your website’s SEO.

Some of the SEO/SEM tools that we use:

High quality

Every piece of content that we produce is written so that it’s unique (we run plagiarism checks on all our texts and share the results with you), practical, and valuable for your target audience.

We rely on both your and our knowledge and experience (we’ve been active marketing consultants for over 12 years now, we know one or two things about marketing and IT 🙂) but also make sure our texts are factually correct (you will always get a list of sources) and practical from your prospects’ perspective.

Moreover, high-quality content is never generated by AI. All the texts we write for our clients are written by experienced content writers and copywriters. Even though AI is an amazing invention, it simply cannot replace human creativity, experience, and knowledge.

If you’re interested in AI writing take a look at this post on our blog: AI writing: The future of content writing?

Content marketing: What you get

We support you in almost everything content and SEO-related. At first, we create a content strategy that’s aligned with your company’s marketing and business goals. Then, we analyze and optimize your web copy or even your website’s structure. Next, we write and optimize all the texts you need and help you with promoting them via social media, PPC, and SEO. That’s the best way for your content to generate results.

Effective content marketing is 50% high-quality content creation and 50% active promotion.
Putting these two elements together GETS YOU RESULTS.

4 stages of your success online

  • Content strategy

    We use SEO/SEM and analytics tools, as well as our experience and your input, to put together a content strategy that checks all the important boxes.


  • 02


    Web copy optimization

    We analyze your website and optimize its content to make it more client-focused and effective.




  • Content creation

    We create the vast majority of the content in-house and make sure it’s practical, SEO-optimized, and engaging. Everything is stored on your private Google Drive.


  • 04


    Content marketing

    We promote your content via PPC advertising (Google Ads), guest posts, and SEO-related activities. If you have an SEO/marketing agency – we’re happy to work with them.

Web copy optimization

Every content strategy starts with what you have on your website. We analyze your website's content and optimize it to be engaging and attractive to potential clients. We use diverse copywriting techniques to craft messaging that's:

  • Client-focused
  • Sales-driven
  • SEO-friendly

We also examine your offer and the benefits you promise. When necessary, we suggest adjustments that can make your offer more desirable.

Lead magnet

It’s a digital asset designed to get more leads to your business. Typically, it’s an ebook, a checklist, a short online course, or any other premium content distributed to those who share their email address and give marketing consent.

We will design (as a part of our content marketing strategy) and create a lead magnet for you as well as all the surrounding copy to get as many website visitors as possible to share their emails with you.

Lead magnets are the most effective lead warm-up tools.

Marketers who use lead magnets report higher conversion rates.
(Source: wpforms)

Guest posting

Publishing content on other websites is a fantastic source of backlinks (they are vital to your SEO!) and publicity. By posting on websites that are interesting to your target audience, you can get in front of your potential clients and showcase your expertise at the same time.

As a part of our cooperation, we take care of full guest post management. We:

  • Negotiate cooperation on your behalf
  • Look for guest posting possibilities
  • Create and deliver agreed content
  • Keep track of all the guest post published and the traffic they generated

Content marketing gets you high-quality traffic

Our clients frequently get most of their web traffic from organic search:

Client 1: IT
Client 2: Marketing
Client 3: e-commerce
previous arrowprevious arrow
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Content marketing can generate over 3x as many leads as outbound marketing, and it costs 62% less.
(Source: Demand Metric)

Unique approach to content marketing

Most content marketing agencies just create content and leave you with it, but not us! We've come up with a unique approach that's all about generating results - getting you more high-quality traffic.

Our approach combines both short and long-term strategies so that you see tangible results of our work.


  • Guest posts
  • PPC campaigns
  • Support for your sales


  • SEO
  • Newsletters
  • Website optimization

This way, you build your presence online and get in front of companies potentially interested in working with you.

Why work with us?

We’ve been writing and managing B2B content for over 12 years now. We’ve been working for clients from Europe and North America, and we’ve written thousands of blog and guest posts and hundreds of social media posts, newsletters, websites, subpages, and landing pages.

We have vast experience with all the different kinds of content and know how to write to capture your audience’s attention.

Have a look at what clients say about working with us:

of texts written for clients
years in the market
publications online
different content projects
team members

Some of our clients

Add content marketing to your strategy and support your sales!

A good marketing strategy doesn’t rely on just one channel or one source of clients. With content marketing, you can boost SEO, social media, and PPC advertising – three of the most effective marketing channels out there. This is what we mean by sales enablement – it’s what you need to squeeze every last drop of your business’ potential.

The key to effective content marketing lies not just in creating content but in PROMOTING it as well. That’s what you can expect when working with us.


$1,450 + GST

per month

Build strong foundation for your business growth and drive traffic to your website

First 1 or 2 months:

  • Tailor-made content marketing strategy + keyword research
  • Web copy optimization (sales + SEO, up to 10 subpages)
  • Setup of Google Ads account
  • 1 lead magnet (up to 2,000 words)

Following months:

  • 2 blog posts/subpages/case studies per month (up to 2,000 words/post)
  • 1 guest post per month (up to 2,000 words/post)
  • 6x accompanying social media posts (2 posts per text) per month (up to 100 words/post)
  • 1 monthly newsletter (up to 1,000 words/newsletter)
  • 2 Google Ads campaigns management
  • 1 hour of marketing consulting per month
  • All posts are SEO-optimized with a SEO content editor (Surfer SEO or Contadu)


$2,650 + GST

per month

Turn content marketing into a vital part of your sales and marketing efforts

First 1 or 2 months:

  • Tailor-made content marketing strategy + keyword research
  • Web copy optimization (sales + SEO, up to 10 subpages)
  • Setup of Google Ads account
  • 1 lead magnet (up to 4,000 words)

Following months:

  • 3 blog posts/subpages/case studies per month (up to 2,500 words/post)
  • 2 guest posts per month (up to 2,000 words/post)
  • 10x accompanying social media posts (2 posts per text) per month (up to 100 words/post)
  • 1 monthly newsletter (up to 1,000 words/newsletter)
  • 3 Google Ads campaigns management
  • 2 hour of marketing consulting per month
  • All posts are SEO-optimized with a SEO content editor (Surfer SEO or Contadu)



$3,950 + GST

per month

Make the most of your content marketing and SEO

First 1 or 2 months:

  • Tailor-made content marketing strategy + keyword research
  • Web copy optimization (sales + SEO, up to 15 subpages)
  • Setup of Google Ads account
  • On-site SEO optimization
  • 1 lead magnet (up to 4,000 words)

Following months:

  • 4 blog posts/subpages/case studies per month (up to 3,000 words/post)
  • 3 guest posts per month (up to 2,000 words/post)
  • 12x accompanying social media posts (2 posts per text) per month (up to 100 words/post)
  • 6x additional social media posts per month (up to 100 words/post)
  • 1 monthly newsletter (up to 1,000 words/newsletter)
  • 4 Google Ads campaigns management
  • 1 hour of marketing consulting per week
  • Ongoing support of an experienced SEO consultant + full SEO optimization of all posts and the website

Minimal contract duration: 3 months. Our fees do not include ad budget, visual content, and any other external costs.
The specifics of each package are discussed during the initial consultation and are always tailored to the given client’s needs.

Whichever option you choose, you will always get:
  • Initial keyword research for your content marketing strategy
  • SEO-friendly structure and metadata for every blog post/subpage/case study
  • Plagiarism detector verification
  • List of sources
  • Google Ads account setup and monthly management

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